Self Drilling Screw with EPDM washer

Self-drilling fasteners for attaching into metal, aluminium, or stainless steel. Drills hole, forms mating thread and clamps home in one easy operation. No more need for using the other pre-drilling tools. Most screws are available with painted heads, protective coatings and bonded neoprene washers to order.

Head: Hex head, Hex flange head, Pan head, Pan framing head, Flat head, Truss head, Wafer head, Oval head
Recess: Phillips, Pozi, Slotted, Hex undercut, Square
Thread & Point Type: Type BSD, Type CSD, Spade-Shaped point High-Low thread
Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel
Case hardness: Steel/Rockwell C52-58 / Core hardness: Steel/Rockwell C32-40(after tempering)
Finish: yellow zinc plated, silver zinc plated

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